Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Morning Routine

Vol. 1 Episode 16

We have a super routine in the mornings. Every day we get up bright and early, go outside to check on the Villainous Squirrel and have our breakfast. Then we wrestle.

Usually we wrestle in the living room where the sun shines in and makes it warm.
Here we are wrestling in the living room in the sun.
Sometimes we wrestle on temp-mom's bed.
I love being the center of attention during our wrestling matches.
 Sometimes Lulu doesn't feel like wrestling so just Uba and I wrestle.
I got him! His face it very bite-able
 Sometimes Uba prefers to play with toys and Lulu shows me her excellent moves.
Lulu calls this move the "pearly whites". 
 After we wrestle we are all tired and ready for a nap.
OK, temp-mom, now you can go to work while we nap.
Stay tuned for the next episode of The Adventures of Dyna Girl coming soon!


  1. Sounds like a very fun morning routine thanks to temp mom. Beautiful dogs and very happy dogs. Dyna girl I am so glad you got a great bunch of buddies to play with and a great temp mom until your permanent wonderful family comes along. Lulu and Uba are great playmates aren't they and just so happy to know you are all doing well. Can't get enough of great pictures of you beautiful dogs.

  2. Boy. I am sure a lot of people would love to take all you sweeties home if they had more room. Keep up the great stories and pictures and I am sure Dyna Girl will find a great home eventually. Just so glad she has some great buddies to play with and a great foster mom. Thanks foster mom for what you do for these sweet dogs. So glad to also see Uba is doing great.

  3. Looks like a whole lotta fun, Dyna Girl! You're a lucky pup to have such a SUPER foster family with such SUPER foster siblings!

  4. Dyna, your pearly whites are so pretty! Looks like you and Lulu were making the same face.