Monday, April 16, 2012

Not The Final Episode Yet

Vol. 2 Episode 2

Today was a fun day. Sometimes temp mom does her work from home because she needs to work "market hours". That means that she starts staring at her computer and talking on her phone before any of us dogs wake up. When she starts her staring and talking early it means we get to do something fun in the afternoon. Today we went for a walk in one of Uba and Lulu's favorite places to celebrate me finding my super family.
We walked and walked up the big hill.
We looked at the squirrels that live there.
 When we got to the top of the hill we stopped to look at the view. Temp mom said that my super family lives on one of the hills we could see way off in the distance.
We looked at the hills on the other side of the bay and Lulu told me about when she and Uba lived over there.
The idea of living on a hill so far away was kind of complicated, so I lay down in the shade to think about it.
 When I was finished thinking about living on a hill in San Francisco Lulu found a cool patch of green grass to rest on.
Lulu showed me how it feels nice to roll around on the cool grass.
I tried rolling around in the grass too.  It felt nice.
It was very sunny and warm, so we all got very tired. 
Uba and I took a long nap when we got home.
Watch for the real final episode of The Adventures of Dyna Girl soon.


  1. What a wonderful day for all you sweet, beautiful dogs. Temp mom is great isn't she? I am sure the new home will be great Super Girl and that you can come visit Uba, Lulu and temp mom anytime you need some more buddies to play with. Thanks for giving us an extra episode to enjoy all these great dogs before the final episode. Just love happy endings for these dogs.

  2. Great photos of a wonderful day!

  3. OMG Little Sister! Our Mommies came home with a present for you! It's from one of the Doctors they work with! Isn't that awesome? I think so. Can't wait to see you!

    Love Jake

    1. what is it? what is it? Tell me, tell me, Jake!

    2. Chew Toys Little Sister. :D. See you soon! Jake