Monday, April 2, 2012

I Wore a Cape!

Vol. 1 Episode 15

Everyone knows that super heroes wear capes and I am no exception. On Sunday I wore a cape to celebrate BAD RAP's birthday and to show off my OPTIMISM
How do I look in my super pink cape?
I helped temp-mom tell lots of people about the things that make me super.
I met all those people behind me and talked about my super-ness

I met some fans and explained optimism to them. 
They hugged me and I gave them kisses.
They are very nice fans. I love them!
Then I went on a nice walk with a handsome elder-bull-mix called Jake.
Jake has OPTIMISM just like me!
I was so tired when temp-mom took my cape off me that I couldn't even sit in the front seat and watch for villains on the way home.
Watch for the next episode of The Adventures of Dyna-Girl coming soon!


  1. Thank you Dyna Girl for the stroll in the park. My Mommies sent Bad Rap an email so that we might be able to meet again for a play date. Oddly enough, they too posted on Facebook that I was an "Optimistic" Little Dog on his way to Bad Rap in hopes of finding a little sister that day. We were sure glad to meet you. Hope to see you soon. Jake and his Mommies.

    1. *gasp*! Jake and The Mommies! That note makes me feel all wiggly and giddy and silly and not very super-hero-serious. I hope we can have a play date soon too!

  2. Adorable. Just love these stories and the pictures. Hope you all had a great turnout and many offers to adopt Dyna girl and that Bad Rap had a great turnout for volunteers. All you people and these dogs are just great.

  3. please adopt her jake and mommies.shes beautiful and amazing.i think she would be a great sister to another wonderful guy named jake.she would complete the best from our pit bull household.xxoo kit

  4. Hi Dyna Girl,

    My Mommies heard back from Bad Rap and we get to have a play date this Saturday! Hope the weather is good. See you soon!

    Jake and his Mommies

    1. When Mr. Tim and temp-mom told me that you and your Mommies like me I got SO excited. I made sure temp-mom put our date on the calendar so she doesn't forget. I can't wait to see you all! Now I just have to figure out what a super hero wears on a date.

      Dyna Girl