Monday, February 27, 2012


Vol. 1 Episode 10
I got some!
They felt kind of weird at first.
Then I saw that temp-mom was smiling

How do I look? Do they make me pretty? 

Now I have ears do you think my super family will find me?

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things that Make Me Super

Vol. 1 Episode 9

Temp-mom says I should let all the people out there know some of the super things about me.  She says that she loves having me as a foster puppy, but she wants me to find my super family soon.  That way they can be with me while I grow up.

First of all, I am a very sweet and snuggly puppy. I love sitting as close as possible to temp mom and sometimes I even manage to get all of me on her lap. Right now I am wedged snuggled between temp-mom and Uba and am keeping temp-mom's knees warm with my head. 
It looks kind of like this, only with a lap top blocking my view.
Secondly, I like the little guys called cats. I have never had any naughty thoughts about them, even when they tell me I am being a silly puppy and they poke me with their pointy sharp toes. I don't know why they won't play with me, but I keep play bowing to them to see if they've changed their minds. 
This is me seeing if Angus the cat wants to play. He said no thank you as usual.
Thirdly, temp-mom says I am a nice calm puppy.  I am a puppy, so I love to play, but I'm not all crazy and non-stop bouncy like Uba or anything. I like playing with the squeaky pink ball, wrestling with Lulu and Uba and chewing on chew toys. I really love going for walks and sniffing all the good smells and saying hello to all my friends out in the neighborhood. When I'm finished playing, or if its a lazy day like when temp-mom had the 'flu, I'm very happy to nap or help temp-mom watch tv.
Here I am playing and being a puppy...
...and here I am taking a nice nap.
There are lots of other super things about me, but this is my list for today. I am not totally perfect because I am still learning things and I need my super family to help me be their perfect puppy. I hope my list of super things helps my super family realize how much they want to come and meet me and take me home forever.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Really am Special

Vol. 1 Episode 8
Today I went to the Bad Rap rescue barn to meet some very special people - Girl Scout Troop 31122 and their brothers.  The Girl Scouts and their brothers were very kind and gentle and said nice things about me.
Then they asked me to be a model for them while they worked on important Girl Scout business.
Once they were finished with their work we all ran around and played with Elliot.
I feel really special and tired now.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

My Dyna Power

Vol. 1 Episode 8

You may be wondering how the nice people at the Hayward Shelter knew I was a super hero.  I have a very special super power that made them know right away.  My extra special super power is Optimism!
I found out about my Optimism in the same way a lot of super heros find out about their super powers - during a very difficult time in my life. When I was really little my leg broke.  It hurt a lot, and just when I thought it would never get better and I would be lonely and in pain forever I started thinking happy thoughts. I realized that if I looked for the good stuff and appreciated everything nice I would be just fine. Thats how I found my super power.
Now things are much better I still use my Optimism. Because I was stuck in a bad place and the broken part was right on a growth plate my leg healed all crooked. It doesn't look like other dogs' legs, it doesn't match my other front leg and I walk a little funny. I've been to see some vets who took pictures of my bones and they say that they probably can't make my leg any better, even with lots of surgeries. I am a "bowl is half full" kind of super hero and even though my leg looks funny it doesn't hurt and I'm just fine being this way forever.
See how my leg is kind of bumpy? It looks funny, but it doesn't bother me.
Optimism reminds me to always enjoy the good stuff, even if I have to do things a little differently than other dogs sometimes. I can run just as fast as any other dog, I like playing fetch and I love wrestling with Uba. My funny leg doesn't bother me at all.
I like wrestling with Uba until we both get really tired. See how my funny leg doesn't stop me from pushing him over?
I know that not every person looking for a dog is going to want a puppy with a crooked leg and tiny ears, but I am optimistic that there is a super-person or super-family out there who will accept me just the way I am. I know I will accept them just the way they are.
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Will You by My Super-Valentine?

Are you coming to meet me and my friends tomorrow?
I'll be there hoping to meet my sweetheart. I convinced Temp-Mom to get some extra special human treats to help convince my super-family to come and meet me.
Temp-Mom says this is bribery, but I think I'm just using my super-powers to find my forever home.
Don't you want to kiss my super-face and take me home and let me snuggle with you? I'll see you in the morning with mini-cupcakes and we can talk about it!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Vol. 1 Episode 6

I like playing with the pink squeaky football.  I call my game the Super-Hero-Bowl!
Unfortunately Lulu and Uba aren't that interested in football for some reason.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Embarrassing Accomplishment

Vol.  1  Episode 5

Temp-mom says this is a big deal, and Lulu and Uba seem relieved, so I guess I will share my embarrassing news.

When I came to live with my foster family I had never lived inside a house before so I didn’t know the most important rule. I thought it was OK to pee in the house, and I especially thought that the shiny white tile floor in the bathroom was a good place to pee. I know! So embarrassing! I just didn’t know that I should hold it until I was outside. I wasn’t sure why temp-mom and the nice lady who visits during the day would get so happy when I peed outside. Then I realized that Lulu and Uba only peed outside and that temp-mom would get kind of upset when I peed in the bathroom. So I decided to do what Lulu and Uba do and hold it until I was outside.
It took me a little while to figure out exactly how to do it and then how to remember, but today it is one whole week since the last time I peed in the house. This means that I learned the big rule in just eleven days, and one of those days I was away with the Super Vet getting my permanent flat belly so it doesn't even really count. Temp-mom says this isn’t a super power because all dogs that live inside should know this, but she is still very pleased that I have figured this important rule out quickly. She says that it shows that I am a very smart puppy and a quick learner, which bodes well for my success as a super hero.

Its still embarrassing to talk about this so publicly!

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