Monday, February 27, 2012


Vol. 1 Episode 10
I got some!
They felt kind of weird at first.
Then I saw that temp-mom was smiling

How do I look? Do they make me pretty? 

Now I have ears do you think my super family will find me?

Watch for the next episode of The Adventures of Dyna Girl coming soon!


  1. You look very pretty with ears--though you look pretty without them, too!

  2. They make you look pretty but not as pretty as your real self! And they don't look very super hero-ish. Not very aerodynamic unlike your super self! But you sure are cute in those bunny ears!

  3. I think you are gorgeous! either way. any ears will do. Sarah (:

  4. Dyna Girl, you look so pretty in your new ears that I can't stop smiling. Did you know that making people smile is yet another super power you can add to your list?
    How is it possible that so much adorableness can be wrapped up in one package?

  5. Very pretty. Pink is definitely your color beautiful girl. Getting ready for Easter. Just need some bunnies.