Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Embarrassing Accomplishment

Vol.  1  Episode 5

Temp-mom says this is a big deal, and Lulu and Uba seem relieved, so I guess I will share my embarrassing news.

When I came to live with my foster family I had never lived inside a house before so I didn’t know the most important rule. I thought it was OK to pee in the house, and I especially thought that the shiny white tile floor in the bathroom was a good place to pee. I know! So embarrassing! I just didn’t know that I should hold it until I was outside. I wasn’t sure why temp-mom and the nice lady who visits during the day would get so happy when I peed outside. Then I realized that Lulu and Uba only peed outside and that temp-mom would get kind of upset when I peed in the bathroom. So I decided to do what Lulu and Uba do and hold it until I was outside.
It took me a little while to figure out exactly how to do it and then how to remember, but today it is one whole week since the last time I peed in the house. This means that I learned the big rule in just eleven days, and one of those days I was away with the Super Vet getting my permanent flat belly so it doesn't even really count. Temp-mom says this isn’t a super power because all dogs that live inside should know this, but she is still very pleased that I have figured this important rule out quickly. She says that it shows that I am a very smart puppy and a quick learner, which bodes well for my success as a super hero.

Its still embarrassing to talk about this so publicly!

Stay tuned for more Adventures of Dyna Girl coming soon!


  1. If it makes you feel any better, cutie pie, ALL of us have had to learn how to pee in the right place. And to make it more confusing, us humans are trained to pee inside in the room with the tile floor, though not ON the floor. So many rules, I know! But this makes you super adoptable, which is almost as good as a super power.

  2. Dyna, you are a very smart girl. Sometimes Ava Louise forgets and she's been learning longer than you.


  3. Love it. Wonderful stories. Beautiful happy dogs. Love it.

  4. I love Dyna girl!! Way to go!!

  5. Don't worry, Dyna Girl. It's okay to talk about peeing with your friends!
    You should be very proud of yourself for remembering this new rule so quickly. It is a biggie! But, I must say that I am not surprised you are such a quick learner. A girl with your super powers can do everything at warp speed, right?
    You are just beautiful, and are going to make one forever family very happy, I am sure!