Monday, February 13, 2012

My Dyna Power

Vol. 1 Episode 8

You may be wondering how the nice people at the Hayward Shelter knew I was a super hero.  I have a very special super power that made them know right away.  My extra special super power is Optimism!
I found out about my Optimism in the same way a lot of super heros find out about their super powers - during a very difficult time in my life. When I was really little my leg broke.  It hurt a lot, and just when I thought it would never get better and I would be lonely and in pain forever I started thinking happy thoughts. I realized that if I looked for the good stuff and appreciated everything nice I would be just fine. Thats how I found my super power.
Now things are much better I still use my Optimism. Because I was stuck in a bad place and the broken part was right on a growth plate my leg healed all crooked. It doesn't look like other dogs' legs, it doesn't match my other front leg and I walk a little funny. I've been to see some vets who took pictures of my bones and they say that they probably can't make my leg any better, even with lots of surgeries. I am a "bowl is half full" kind of super hero and even though my leg looks funny it doesn't hurt and I'm just fine being this way forever.
See how my leg is kind of bumpy? It looks funny, but it doesn't bother me.
Optimism reminds me to always enjoy the good stuff, even if I have to do things a little differently than other dogs sometimes. I can run just as fast as any other dog, I like playing fetch and I love wrestling with Uba. My funny leg doesn't bother me at all.
I like wrestling with Uba until we both get really tired. See how my funny leg doesn't stop me from pushing him over?
I know that not every person looking for a dog is going to want a puppy with a crooked leg and tiny ears, but I am optimistic that there is a super-person or super-family out there who will accept me just the way I am. I know I will accept them just the way they are.
Watch for the next installment of The Adventures of Dyna Girl coming soon.


  1. Optimism is the best super power of all! Way to make it work--and I'm sure that there is someone out there who will want to take you home for ever, funny bumpy front leg and all!

  2. Dyna just has the sweetest face! Keep at it girl!!

  3. How cute!!! Love the pics!

  4. Dyna girl - 9+years ago, I pulled a crooked-walking little pup out of a jailhouse for pit bulls. It was a called a shelter, but felt and looked more like a jail. I named my little pup Rosalind. She has a deformed spine, and has always limped and hopped a bit like a bunny. But her optimism made her as powerful as you are. And although she is still a bit crooked, she runs and jumps and plays like a puppy. She does not think that she has a disability - and I don't even see her limp anymore! You WILL find your forever home, and your new family won't see the bump on your leg either, or the missing ears. They will only see that sweet and beautiful face!

  5. Dear Dyna,

    My Missy was a shelter kitty w/ a limp who is optimistic and playful just like you. She found me, her Super Mom, just like you will find your Super Family. Missy's limp doesn't hold her back at all, in fact, I think it makes her extra special!

    Moe in Alaska