Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things that Make Me Super

Vol. 1 Episode 9

Temp-mom says I should let all the people out there know some of the super things about me.  She says that she loves having me as a foster puppy, but she wants me to find my super family soon.  That way they can be with me while I grow up.

First of all, I am a very sweet and snuggly puppy. I love sitting as close as possible to temp mom and sometimes I even manage to get all of me on her lap. Right now I am wedged snuggled between temp-mom and Uba and am keeping temp-mom's knees warm with my head. 
It looks kind of like this, only with a lap top blocking my view.
Secondly, I like the little guys called cats. I have never had any naughty thoughts about them, even when they tell me I am being a silly puppy and they poke me with their pointy sharp toes. I don't know why they won't play with me, but I keep play bowing to them to see if they've changed their minds. 
This is me seeing if Angus the cat wants to play. He said no thank you as usual.
Thirdly, temp-mom says I am a nice calm puppy.  I am a puppy, so I love to play, but I'm not all crazy and non-stop bouncy like Uba or anything. I like playing with the squeaky pink ball, wrestling with Lulu and Uba and chewing on chew toys. I really love going for walks and sniffing all the good smells and saying hello to all my friends out in the neighborhood. When I'm finished playing, or if its a lazy day like when temp-mom had the 'flu, I'm very happy to nap or help temp-mom watch tv.
Here I am playing and being a puppy...
...and here I am taking a nice nap.
There are lots of other super things about me, but this is my list for today. I am not totally perfect because I am still learning things and I need my super family to help me be their perfect puppy. I hope my list of super things helps my super family realize how much they want to come and meet me and take me home forever.

Watch for the next installment of The Adventures of Dyna Girl coming soon.


  1. She is super. Spread the love about this super girl and these super dogs.

  2. Oh Dyna Girl if only I didn't live in Washington - you really are a super girl with super powers and my wish is you find your super family really soon!