Friday, March 16, 2012

Vanquishing a Villain

Vol. 1 Episode 12
Its was just an ordinary afternoon in the back yard
Then I heard a little voice
Help, Dyna Girl! Save us from the villain
At first I didn't see what the matter was, but I wanted to help the little birds, since I'm a super hero and it is my job to protect the neighborhood from villains.
What is the problem, little birdies?
Look, Dyna! Squirrel is stealing our dinner!
 So I went and talked to the Villainous Squirrel.
Excuse me, Squirrel, its not nice to eat the food thats meant for the little birdies!
It took some convincing, but finally Squirrel realized he was dealing with a superhero who was determined to protect the little birdies.
Ok, Dyna Girl! You win. I won't steal the bird's food anymore 
(today at least, bwahahaha)
 Then Squirrel ran away to annoy someone else.
Thank you Dyna Girl! You saved us from the villain.
I was very proud that I saved the little birdies from the Villainous Squirrel!
If you see the Villainous Squirrel again just call and I will be there in a FLASH to protect you.
The Squirrel is very Villainous, so my side kick and I have a lot of work to do keeping the little birdies safe. We are up to the challenge, though!

Watch for the next installment of The Adventures of Dyna Girl coming soon!


  1. Oh, Dyna Girl, you are so brave and such a wonderful hero. Thank you for helping the birdies and giving notice to the Villainous Squirrel. It's good you have Uba to help you too, right?

  2. Good work! You've won this round, but look out: that Squirrel will surely be back to test you!

  3. Good girl. Well done.

  4. Way to look out for the towhees and house sparrows, Dyna!