Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Super Power

Yesterday morning the human who takes care of food forgot to give me my breakfast. I was pretty upset at first, but then she took me for a ride in the car.  We went to visit a special human super hero called "Vet". The Super-Vet told me I was a nice girl and then I started to feel sleepy.

When I woke up the Vet told me I had a new super power.  She said my belly would always stay flat and slender and I will never have saggy baggy boobies like my mama did. I think this is a very cool super power. 
See how my belly is nice and smooth and not baggy? My super power belly will stay like that forever now!
After a little while the human came to get me.  I was so happy to see her, that I gave her a big hug and I agreed with her that she can be my temporary mom, Temp Mom for short. She told me that now I have the super power flat belly I will be "available" and now my super Dyna-Family can come and get me whenever they're ready. Wow!
All this thinking about my new power made me very tired,so I snuggled up next to Temp Mom and my sidekick Uba and took a long nap.

Watch for the next installment of The Adventures of Dyna Girl coming soon.


  1. Dyna Girl, it is so nice to meet you and to hear about all of the exciting adventures of a real life super hero! I wonder what super powers you will acquire next. It looks like you are already excelling in the power of the nap. I bet we've only seen the beginning of your greatness!

  2. Dyna Girl, that sounds like a very super, super power! You are very lucky! I wish I'd had surgery when I was young, not when I was older! And maybe the vet didn't tell you but you got extra protection against the villain Mammary-Cancer too! I am fighting that villain with my vet now (looks like we fought her off, but villains are sneaky sometimes!) and she's mean!

  3. No saggy-baggy boobies? Sign me up for that super power!