Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thank You

Vol. 2 Episode 3

Today was a different kind of day.  First, temp mom sat me down and talked to me about being a good girl.
I listened carefully while temp mom talked about my next big adventure.
 Then she told me that I was going home with my forever family today.
I was excited about going to my forever home so I waited right by the front door.
Our drive to pit ed was special because temp-mom said I can give up my villain vanquishing duties once I go to my forever home.
I made sure to pay close attention to everything on our way to class in case villains tried to stop me going home.
After class instead of going home with temp-mom I went home with my super family.
Here we are walking out of class together.
I got into my forever car and got a new collar and leash. My new mommies hugged me and then temp-mom gave me a kiss and reminded me about being good again.
My new mommies give very good hugs.
I'm getting a new name and I will focus on being a good girl and a perfect little sister instead of vanquishing villains.  I will never forget my optimism but vanquishing villains will be more of a hobby than a full time job now.
I'm pretty sure this new life will be lots of fun. Look how we're all smiling!
Thank you everyone for all your support during my search for my forever family.  I know that all your positive thoughts helped this funny puppy with a crooked leg and tiny ears find the best forever family ever.

Lots of love from
Dyna Girl!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Not The Final Episode Yet

Vol. 2 Episode 2

Today was a fun day. Sometimes temp mom does her work from home because she needs to work "market hours". That means that she starts staring at her computer and talking on her phone before any of us dogs wake up. When she starts her staring and talking early it means we get to do something fun in the afternoon. Today we went for a walk in one of Uba and Lulu's favorite places to celebrate me finding my super family.
We walked and walked up the big hill.
We looked at the squirrels that live there.
 When we got to the top of the hill we stopped to look at the view. Temp mom said that my super family lives on one of the hills we could see way off in the distance.
We looked at the hills on the other side of the bay and Lulu told me about when she and Uba lived over there.
The idea of living on a hill so far away was kind of complicated, so I lay down in the shade to think about it.
 When I was finished thinking about living on a hill in San Francisco Lulu found a cool patch of green grass to rest on.
Lulu showed me how it feels nice to roll around on the cool grass.
I tried rolling around in the grass too.  It felt nice.
It was very sunny and warm, so we all got very tired. 
Uba and I took a long nap when we got home.
Watch for the real final episode of The Adventures of Dyna Girl soon.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Think I Found My Super Family!

Vol. 2 Episode 1
See how we're in Volume 2 of my story now? I think I've found my super-family so temp-mom and I think this is a new chapter in my story.

Remember how I went on a walk with a handsome elder-dog two weeks ago? Well, he and his mommies want to be my super family! Yesterday temp mom and I went to the Bad Rap Barn to make sure that Jake really wants me as a little sister.
We walked around and sniffed things.
I spent some time looking for critters in the holes that Tallulah dug.
Then we practiced doing things together for treats.
I kissed Jake's mommies and told them how I think they're super.
Today I went to pit-ed and showed my new super family that even though I'm a super hero and a good girl I don't really love school. I'm pretty sure they still want to take me home forever. Jake told everyone he wants me as a little sister, so I think it will all work out.

Watch for the probably final episode of The Adventures of Dyna Girl coming soon!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Morning Routine

Vol. 1 Episode 16

We have a super routine in the mornings. Every day we get up bright and early, go outside to check on the Villainous Squirrel and have our breakfast. Then we wrestle.

Usually we wrestle in the living room where the sun shines in and makes it warm.
Here we are wrestling in the living room in the sun.
Sometimes we wrestle on temp-mom's bed.
I love being the center of attention during our wrestling matches.
 Sometimes Lulu doesn't feel like wrestling so just Uba and I wrestle.
I got him! His face it very bite-able
 Sometimes Uba prefers to play with toys and Lulu shows me her excellent moves.
Lulu calls this move the "pearly whites". 
 After we wrestle we are all tired and ready for a nap.
OK, temp-mom, now you can go to work while we nap.
Stay tuned for the next episode of The Adventures of Dyna Girl coming soon!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Wore a Cape!

Vol. 1 Episode 15

Everyone knows that super heroes wear capes and I am no exception. On Sunday I wore a cape to celebrate BAD RAP's birthday and to show off my OPTIMISM
How do I look in my super pink cape?
I helped temp-mom tell lots of people about the things that make me super.
I met all those people behind me and talked about my super-ness

I met some fans and explained optimism to them. 
They hugged me and I gave them kisses.
They are very nice fans. I love them!
Then I went on a nice walk with a handsome elder-bull-mix called Jake.
Jake has OPTIMISM just like me!
I was so tired when temp-mom took my cape off me that I couldn't even sit in the front seat and watch for villains on the way home.
Watch for the next episode of The Adventures of Dyna-Girl coming soon!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meet a Super Hero

Vol. 1 Episode 14

Yes, that means ME! I'll be hanging out with my friends Olive, Gris-Gris, Catfish Jones, Tallulah, Blink and a bunch of puppies in Berkeley on Sunday.
Here I am with my friend Olive.
I will be demonstrating my super power OPTIMISM and looking for my super family.

See you there.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rainy Day To-Do List

Vol. 1 Episode 13

Make sure the Villainous Squirrel is staying away from the bird feeder.
Sneak up on the big bed and take a nap.
Chew on a delicious knuckle bone.
 Unfortunately my nice day was interrupted when temp-mom put Uba's rain coat on me and took me to pit-ed class in the rain.  I got wet and cold, but I suppose the misery was worth it if it helps me find my super-family soon. I can't wait until I have my very own home.

Watch for the next installment of The Adventures of Dyna Girl coming soon!